Ways to beat the heat when you have no pool

We’ve lived in Florida two years now and bought our current house about a year ago. When we were house shopping, we didn’t want a pool. There were lots of reasons why, but our chief concern was safety for our kids. Plus it’s a lot of maintenance, cost, etc., and we just didn’t think we’d use it as much as we thought we would.

I’m beginning to wonder what we were thinking! It’s hotter than snot here and unlike most of the country, it will stay that way well into late October. So many days this summer I’ve longed for a pool. I have friends here who have pools. They kindly take pity on us and have us over to swim every so often. But they really frown on us moving into their spare bedroom to have regular pool access.

So a gal’s gotta get creative when it comes to keeping cool and she ain’t got a pool.


Thank God for the community splash park!!

It’s my firm belief that every city needs one of these. They are perfect for young ones, provide just enough wet to stay cool, have fun features like water cannons, and best of all, are usually FREE!

We recently went to our favorite local splash park. The sprays are on a sensor so when there’s no activity, there’s no water. But usually there’s lots of activity.


My oldest just jumps right in and gets soaked. My little one takes his time getting wet. First, he likes to get others wet with the water cannons.


There’s a nice shaded area with picnic tables, too. We usually pack lunch and stay for a couple hours. I’ve even been known to get my feet wet at times.

Our other favorite beat the heat activity is washing the cars. My husband has started making this a weekly ritual. Every Sunday, while I’m making dinner, he takes the boys out on the driveway and they wash both our cars.


They really love doing this, which is great because they hate the automatic car wash. My youngest cries so hard when we go through one of those, and my oldest sits in the backseat, with his hands cupped over his ears screaming, “It’s too loud!!!”

Fortunately there’s none of that with do-it-yourself car washing. Plus when you do it yourself you can make lots of bubbles.



And when you wash the car yourself, you can use these!



And chances are, while you’re washing the car, mom will sneak out of the house and do this!


This is the same mom who just earlier got on to you for squirting your little brother and not the car. But you know how us moms are. It’s all “do as I say, not as I do.”

Bottom line: never trust a mom with a water gun.


He’s going to get me really good one of these days, I just know it.

Staying cool with 67 days to go,

Leslee, the SurvivorMom