Where did the last three weeks go?

Holy Guacamole! Has it really been three weeks since my last post? I warned you I was lazy, but this is downright shameful! I could lay out a whole list of somewhat valid excuses for my absence, primary of which was a trip back home for 10 days. But the truth is, when you are your own editor it makes moving the deadline way too easy. It’s such a slippery slope, my friends.

So, what have we been up to? A whole lot, and a whole lot of nothing. The whole lot part consisted of going to Tulsa to see family, our first trip home in a year. Tulsa is our home. My hubby and I were both raised there and both of our parents still live there. And together, we lived there 10 out of our 14 years of marriage. All of which means there are many, many people whom we love and cherish in the 918 area code. Usually a trip home means every day is packed from morning until bed getting our fill of the people and places we love most in T-town.

However on this trip I tried to keep our return on the DL mainly because I wanted to spend as much time with our families as possible. And as much as the social butterfly part of me was struggling with that decision, I’m very glad we did. Both of our parents are going through some big transitions right now and we recognized the importance of breaking bread together, laughing, resting, and just enjoying each others company.

The other great thing about going home is that we get two completely different vacations. My hubby’s parents live in the country. My in-laws have horses and acres and acres of beautiful Oklahoma pasture surrounding their home. So staying at their place is like a trip to the “farm” for my city boys.

It’s so peaceful at their place. Usually the boys can’t wait to ride the pony, but this trip all they cared about was this:

That’s my oldest, mid-air. It’s amazing the boy has any skin left after all the belly flops he did in this pool. My mother-in-law had bought all kinds of other fun distractions — water guns, kites, toys, sidewalk chalk — but all he wanted to do was play in the pool. Fortunately the unbearable heat Oklahoma is experiencing right now waited to arrive until we were back in Florida, so we were actually able to do some fun stuff outside at their place without breaking too much of a sweat.

The city part of our trip was at my parents house. They live in the heart of Tulsa in the only home they’ve ever owned — over 40 years in the same place. I love that house. It holds a sacred place in my heart and I cherish every time I get to walk through its front door. There really is no place like home.

While in Tulsa we went to the new Drillers baseball stadium. The Drillers are Tulsa’s AA team and now call downtown home. My best friend since high school, Dani, and her family joined us for the game.

I love this girl and she loves me, which is a good thing considering we both have humiliating pictures of one another from over 20 years of friendship.

The other thing I love about Dani is how mature and grown-up we are when we get together.

Such class and grace. I hope we never change.

Speaking of class and grace, Dani has a beautiful daughter who is pure light and joy and sunshine. And I’m pretty sure she could kick some serious butt if the need arose. Just like her momma. And that’s why I love ’em.

At the game, my oldest was glued to his seat the entire time. He didn’t even leave to go to the concession stand to pick out snacks. We knew he liked baseball but didn’t expect this kind of concentration from him.

My dad, who’s loved baseball forever, couldn’t have been more proud. I’m pretty certain the baseball gene skipped a generation and attached itself to my oldest.

We also went down to my aunt and uncle’s house for dinner. They live in a small community about 45 minutes away. My aunt had gone to the dollar store before we got there and picked up a few fun things for the boys, including a water rocket. This thing was a big hit, especially with my aunt’s dog, McGee. He kept trying to bite, jump over and smother the water geysering out of the hose. Great entertainment.

Some neighborhood boys were walking down the street and stopped to watch crazy McGee. It only took a few minutes before they asked to join in the fun.

While the little boys were playing with the water rocket, the big boys – my husband, dad, uncle and cousin’s husband – were playing washers. It’s a game where you try to toss washers into a small hole on your opponents board.

I had to laugh as I saw all this occur in the yard. It wasn’t that long ago when the females outnumbered the males in my family. For years it was 3 to 4, advantage females. This has always been a source of pride for us ladies. For the last three generations, only girls were born into our family. But then I — the girl who said she’d never have boys — went and had TWO! Then my cousin, a girl, went and married a boy of all things! These two events brought the score to 6 to 4, advantage males.

So, what’s a girl to do with all that testosterone milling around in the yard?

Why, sit on the screen porch and enjoy a bottle of wine with her mom and aunt, of course!

Even though we are outnumbered for the first time in our lives, we have come to terms with it. We love all those extra Y chromosomes in the family. They keep us humble and make our lives interesting. Plus, they’ve been known to do the dishes and that alone makes being outnumbered worth it in my book.

With 41 days to go,

Leslee, the SurvivorMom