About Me

I’m so glad you’ve found my little corner of the world wide web.

Growing up, my parents used to say I had a “call of God” on my life. It seemed like a lot to saddle on a tween who was more interested in memorizing the lyrics to Janet Jackson’s Control album than memorizing scripture. I figured that meant I had to be a missionary, a preacher or marry one or the other. Personally, I wasn’t interested in those options.

In an ironic turn of events, I actually married the son of a preacher man. But instead of taking my talents to serve the church, I spent the next 15 years climbing the corporate ladder, leading communications for several Fortune 100 companies.

It wasn’t until my late 30s, after many years of trying to do it my way, that I finally told God I was done being in control. Then, through a series of circumstances only He could orchestrate, I entered vocational ministry.

No one was more shocked at this turn of events than me.

Over the past decade I’ve had the honor of serving as a staff member at some incredible churches where I lead ministries and small groups for women and young mothers. I also co-host the Page of Our Lives Podcast, a weekly show where we take a page from our own lives, or the life of an inspiring friend, and give you the Cliff’s Notes.

I love encouraging women through speaking engagements and writing whenever I get the chance. And when I’m not doing one of those things, I can usually be found on the sidelines with my husband cheering on our two, sports-obsessed sons.

Through my writing, podcasting, speaking and social media, I love sharing what God’s teaching me. But you’ll also find less serious things like what shows I’m binging (The Crown and Ted Lasso are a few favs) or a great recipe for guacamole (which I’m still trying to perfect). One day when I’m old and gray (okay, that part has already happened), I hope my kids will look back on all this and finally realize I was a cool mom, no matter how many times they denied it.

My prayer is that you feel less alone and more loved in this great big digital world. There’s always a seat for you at my table.

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